Backflow Preventer Testers

                                          List of GWA Approved Backflow Preventer Assembly Testers (BPATs)

The charge for testing varies from tester to tester. The testers have requested and/ or have given authorization to GWA to be published on this list. Testers who claim to be certified and approved by GWA must be on this list.  GWA will not approve test reports submitted from testers not on this list.

The testers on this list may also be a part of a licensed plumbing contractor on Guam. The individual tester must have a Guam Business License, or employed under a Licensed Guam Contractor, have a valid test kit, a valid and unexpired Backflow Testers Certification approved by GWA.  GWA does not endorse the listed individual, entities, or plumbing contractors nor guarantee the performance of the execution of their work. GWA only approves the individual if trained and certified to test backflow preventers.

No. Company Name/Individual Name Email Address Phone Number
1. Pacific Backflow & Plumbing / Lad De Leon (671) 929-8428
2. Falcon Fire Protection LLC / John Robinson (671) 483-6539
3. Plumbing Pros / John Politi (671) 646-7767