Petition to the CCU

The Guam Waterworks Authority is required to submit petitions to the Consolidated Commission on Utilities CCU for the following considerations:

1) Approval, disapproval, or amendment of the GWA Unified Pay Scale.
2) Amendment of the Certified, Technical, and Professional position list.
3) Recruitment of a position at a salary above the range maximum.
4) Creation of a new position.
5) Amendment of an existing position.

The petition will be posted for a period of ten (10) days, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and government of Guam holidays, prior to any action by the CCU.

GWA welcomes feedback on the following petition. All comments received will be forwarded to the CCU and the GWA General Manager for review and discussion during the regular monthly CCU meeting. The petition is available for download.

GWA Petition and Justification to Adopt 2022 Market Data

• GWA Amended Petition and Justification to Adopt 2022 Pay Scale

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