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HOW AND WHERE TO APPLY: Applicants must submit an Original Application for Employment Form along with required documents to prevent any delays in the evaluation of your application to the Human Resources Division – Personnel Services Section, 2nd floor Gloria B. Nelson Public Service Building 688 Route 15 Fadian, Mangilao, Guam by closing date between the hours of 8:00am – 5:00pm. For more information call the Personnel Office at 300-6074 thru 300-6076.

Open To Public Position Title (PDF) Announcement No. Pay Grade/Step Open Date Closing Date

Summer Engineering Internship Program (PDF)

EOE-030-2019 MIN J5-B $23.48/HR $48,839.00 Per Annum
04/17/2019 04/30/2019

Assistant General Manager of Operations – Unclassified (PDF)

EOE-026-2019 MIN R3-D $66.22HR $137,475.00 Per Annum
MAX R4-D $68.91 HR $143,339.00 Per Annum
03/25/2019 Continous

Chief Financial Officer (PDF)


EOE-020-2019 MIN R2-B $129,762.00 Per Annum
MAX R3-B $135,031.00 Per Annum
02/05/2019 Continous

Sewer Plant Supervisor (PDF)


EOE-017-2019 MIN L3-A $30.39 HR $63,219.00 Per Annum   MAX L4-A $31.63 HR $65,785.00 Per Annum 01/22/2019 Continous

Water Plant Operator Supervisor (PDF)


EOE-018-2019 MIN L3-A $30.39 HR $63,219.00 Per Annum   MAX L4-A $31.63 HR $65,785.00 Per Annum 01/22/2019 Continous

Junior Engineer (PDF)


EOE-012-2019 MIN J5-B $23.48 HR $48,839.00 Per Annum   MAX J6-B $24.43 HR $50,822.00 Per Annum 12/17/2018 Continuous
Petition to the CCU

Amendment of Job Classification Standard – Assistant General Manager – Operations


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