AMR Questions

51367 AMR Private:Layout 1NOTEThe GWA curb-stop and meters are considered part of a public water system, * Once the new meters are installed, you will not be able to shut off water supply to your home using the GWA curb-stop. Therefore, it is necessary to install a shut-off valve on the customer side of the meter. GWA recommends that a ball-valve be used for this application. A private shut-off valve is required within 18” of the meter this is in accordance with 28 GAR, Section 2105.

GWA makes every effort to maintain a maximum pressure at your service connection that is less than 90 psi. Occasionally, technical difficulties may create short-term pressures exceeding 90 psi. These short-term high pressures should have no impact on well constructed and maintained household plumbing. If you experience short-term pressure spikes and suspect that your household may be in poor condition, then GWA recommends that an individual PRV be installed by the customer. GWA will not accept liability for any damage caused by high water pressure.

Customers are cautioned to pay prompt attention to water leaks as the new meters begin to record water flows four times more sensitively than current meters.

GWA reminds the public that Customer Shut Off Valves which are required for the new Automated Meter Reading (AMR) program cannot be purchased at GWA.

Customers can purchase customer shut off valves at any hardware store. They can also be purchased and installed by any licensed plumber/contractor. See Guam Contractor’s Association for a current list.